Fees & Tuition

Registration Fee -- $35.00/(per family per season) For progression program September through May.
Costume Fee -- $40.00 deposit/class due by November 10. Balance of costume and recital fee due when they arrive in the spring.

Students who enroll in more than 2 classes per week will receive a 10% discount on the third class and on each additional class.
(Classes of highest tuition rate will be billed first and discounts will be taken from other classes)

Accounts not paid by the 10th of each month will be subject to a $5.00 late fee per class. Students whose accounts are not paid by the following month will not be admitted into class until the account is paid. The Spotlight accepts cash, check or visa payments, and online payments.

Payment Options

Lesson Length


(9 equal payments)

30 Minutes


45 Minutes


60 Minutes